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Having a toilet is more than just a luxury, and having a clean toilet is an essential part of any bathroom. It is critical to identify what is happening if a toilet is clogged, and you must fix it before it gets worse. These problems can arise when you use and flush excessive toilet paper. Such problems are normally resolved by using a highly concentrated acidic solution to clear pipelines; however, if a toilet is constantly clogging, you must seek professional help to identify, evaluate, and fix the issue by availing of toilet clogging. Coconut Creek, FL Florida houses facing toilet issues can identify their main from one of the following reasons for the clog from the following: which might be causing their toilets to clog:   

1.Flushing Excessive Waste and Toilet Papers 

It’s a general misperception that some goods are flushable, for instance, napkins. Even those advertised as disposable items can sanitarily create considerable issues in the residential drainage process. Additionally, , plus wet wipes are also a common items people usually flush away, even though they aren‘t meant to do down the drain. Most toilet paper types are very tough and resistant enough that they do not break down easily, and when such toilet paper is flushed away, they become an obstruction in the pipeline. 

Sanitary tampons, tissues, and wet wipes are among popular objects flushed away, and it’s necessary to keep in mind that a washroom is not a trash bin. Toilet bowls are not meant to flush these chemical-ladened products, and draining them may often clog the system, causing persistent problems for the whole drainage line. 

2. Plumbing Vents Are Clogged 

It might be strange for you to hear a pretty unusual piece of information that a house’s drainage system consists of more than simply basic pipework to drain away refuse from the multiple sources and drainages that is eventually discharged as wastes from the residence. This drainage system also depends on the airflow of vent pipes, which allow sewage gasses to be safely released from the top of the residence rather than having stress build up inside the drainage pipes. Those pipes also provide allow freshwater to enter the drainage pipelines, producing pressure and creating suction inside the pipe while increasing the flushing capacity of the commode. 

The flushing power decreases when the piping vent is shut, blocked, and restricted. If there is no suction in the vent pipe, it becomes clogged and needs to be unclogged or to be cleared out by hand or by using plumbing tools to rectify the problem. 

3. Low-Flow and Ineffective Toilet 

These toilets are ideal solutions for reducing excessive water consumption and lowering water expenses. On the other hand, bathrooms may function for years before being replaced or updated. Low-flow washrooms can create blockage problems since the flushing pressure is insufficient to send the waste and toilet paper properly through the P-trap or S-trap and down the sewage system. You may solve such a problem by draining a tiny quantity of waste and toilet paper at a time. 

4. S-trap Or P-trap Blockage 

When you see behind the commode, you’ll notice an S-shaped pipeline that starts from the toilet bowl and goes into the ground. Such a pipe is called an S-trap pipe. An S-trap pipe is responsible for preventing smelly sewage gasses. This pipeline is often not noticeable due to differences in toilet layout, and in certain situations, the commode has a P-trap rather than an S-trap; however, the function is similar. 

A completely obstructed P-trap or S-trap is simple to recognize since the toilet is clogged and must be cleaned; however, if the P-trap or S-trap is slightly obstructed, the issue may never seem obvious till the bowl jams completely. So if the primary clogging is removed, smaller blockages might stay in place, leading the commode to jam more often than usual. Use plumbing tools to remove the minor obstruction and push it down the sewer. 

5. Restricted or Damage Sewer System 

The primary sewage system that leaves the residence travels underground to public sewerage. This sewage system is reasonably well-protected against freezing, snow, sleet, and rain due to its underground location; nonetheless, it is sensitive to root systems that might twist around or pierce the pipeline. When the primary sewage line is ruptured or crushed, the discharge to the municipal sewer system or septic tank becomes restricted. Furthermore, debris, pebbles, and dirt might enter the pipeline via ruptures or punctures, causing more clogged drainage issues. If it gets worse, then contact a professional to get it cleared out. 

The Bottom Line 

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