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A toilet is a necessity in every home, office, school, in short, anywhere and everywhere. But sometimes, your toilet can also become a huge, unpleasant problem for you because of different reasons, such as toilet clogging. If you keep experiencing toilet clogs, it is vital to identify the root cause and fix it as soon as possible.  

We are here to tell you the most common reasons for toilet clogging so you can repair it or prevent it. 

Flushing Non-Flushable Items 

It is common to flush several products down the toilet, thinking it will keep everything down as a garbage can does. However, toilets don’t function that way. Flushing disposable wipes, napkins, feminine products, etc., can easily block your toilet, and we strictly recommend not doing that.  

Excessive Toilet Paper 

The entire flushing system is capable of flushing toilet papers. But everything in excess results in unfavorable consequences. And that’s what also happens when you stuff your toilet with too much toilet paper, resulting in clogs.  

Clogged Sewer Lines 

If your main sewer is restricted, you will face recurring toilet clogs no matter how often you unclog it. The mainline could be blocked due to broken pipes, infiltration of tree roots, rocks, and dirt, making it compressed and punctured.  

Low-Flow Toilet 

Low-flow toilets are built to reduce water usage and bill, but they can be quite ineffective at times. They might not have enough power to flush and push all the waste into the drainage pipe, causing the toilet to clog. 

Blocked Toilet Traps 

The S-trap or P-trap is the drainpipe that comes up from the ground and is attached to the toilet bowl. Oftentimes, these pipes can get clogged and partially blocked, resulting in toilet cloggings. You must remove the partial blockage from these traps so the waste can quickly move through the drain and into the main sewer.  

Mineral Build-Up 

If your toilet and pipes are old, you probably might be more susceptible to frequent clogging because of minerals and debris buildup in them. This accumulation of deposits can block the pipes and the water tanks, making the flushing ineffective and poor.  

Vent Blockage 

Most toilets come with a proper vent system that allows air in and out of the plumbing system. Several sources can obstruct these vents, causing recurring clogging and poor drainage with a sewer-like smell engulfing your washroom.   

What Can You Do If Your Toilet Is Clogged? 

If you are facing issues with clogged toilets, here’s what you can do to mend them: 

  • Firstly, find the root cause. Inspect the toilet, water tank, and surrounding pipes to see where the problem is arising from.  
  • Use a plunger. Push the plunger down the toilet and unplug the sink, allowing waste to pass through and drain. 
  • If the clog is in S-trap, buy a toilet snake that will help you thread your way around the pipe to release any blockage.  
  • Clean the sewer pipes and remove any buildup.  
  • Pour household bleach, which helps break down the waste unclogging the toilet.  
  • If all else fails, get professional help. Contacting a plumber can help you better navigate the cause of the clogs and fix drains and vents more proficiently.  

Gator Plumbing Is Here To Unclog Your Toilet! 

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