If you are an individual who has hard water, then it is very likely that you have experienced the effects of this. Hard water can leave soap scum on your clothes and fixtures in your household, leaving a white residue behind. It can also impact drinking water quality for you and your family. If you want to keep things clean around your house without having any problems with mineral buildup on surfaces, then installing a new water softener might be right for you. Here, we will discuss the benefits of installing a water softener.

1. Reduced Laundry Detergent Use

When you have hard water, the minerals cause a film to build upon your clothes and dishes during the washing process. This leaves clothes less clean than they should be and causes a lack of lather when you use soap. In addition, this buildup can even make your clothes look faded or dingy. Hard water can cause a film to be left on your dishes, which impacts the taste of the food you eat. This is caused by magnesium and calcium in the water, creating a buildup on plates, cups, and silverware.

2. Prevents Scale Buildup

You probably know how easy it is for mineral buildup if you have hard water at home. Mineral deposits and scale can appear on the inside of your water heater, on showerheads, faucets, and even in coffee pots. Over time, enough minerals will build up inside these appliances that will need to be replaced entirely due to blockage or damage caused by the buildup. This can cause a significant financial impact. By investing in a Coconut Creek water softener, you will prevent these appliances from being damaged in the future.

3. Improved Quality of Drinking Water

If you have hard water, there is also often a low amount of fluoride that can be delivered to your body by drinking it. This causes teeth to decay at an increased rate, leading to a more significant maintenance bill down the road. By installing a new Coconut Creek water softener, you will be able to treat your water to be considered suitable for drinking.

4. Lower Cost of Maintenance

If you have hard water at home, you know just how costly all of the appliances and fixtures in your house can be to maintain. However, if you install a water softener, that will no longer be an issue for your home. Hard water causes mineral buildup and scale to form on surfaces around your house. Over time, this can impact the efficiency of appliances and the look of fixtures and increase maintenance costs such as those regarding plumbing systems or water heaters. If you install a water softener, this will never be an issue for your house again. It can also extend the life of appliances by preventing damage caused by mineral buildup.

5. Cleaner Hair and Softer Skin

If you deal with hard water at home, it may also cause your skin and hair to dry. This is because the minerals in hard water bind to soap, preventing your natural oils from functioning normally. As a result, this causes your skin and hair to be dried out after washing. By installing a softener system for your water, you will improve the overall quality of your skin and hair.


There are many benefits to having a new water softener installed at your home. If you have hard water, this system will make minerals no longer an issue for you or your appliances, preventing damage caused by mineral buildup. Even if you do not have any problems with hard water currently, installing a new system can still save money on appliances and prevent damage. Contact Gator Plumbing to learn more.