Water from sewer backflow on building floor

You expect your water to move through every pipe in your home or business in the right direction. Backflow is a problem that occurs when water moves in the opposite direction as it should. It can cause debris to build up in your drains, which causes water to overflow the drains. You may even find toilet paper and other debris around the drains. Learn how to avoid these problems with a look at what to do when you discover the issue.

Shut Off the Water

Shut off the water before you do anything else. As long as you leave the water running, you risk other problems popping up that will require plumbing repairs. Most homes have a water shutoff valve in the basement or around the first floor. You will usually find it close to the pipe that brings in water from the street. Turn off the water as soon as possible once you notice the flow issue. If you can’t find the valve, call plumbing repair experts for help.

Schedule a Backflow Inspection

A backflow inspection is a great way to find out what caused the problem and the best way to fix it. At Gator Plumbing, we offer plumber services in Coral Springs for all types of property owners. Not only do we look for the causes, but we also check for areas that are prone to risks. In many cases, the issue relates to a cross-connection. We also identify weak areas and areas weakened by your water flow.

Consider Your Options

Adding a prevention device helps you prevent future similar problems. Homes built after the 1930s should come with a device already installed. Whether you have a new home with a broken device or an older home that never had one, you need plumbing repair experts to install the device. One option is a check valve, which is one of the more affordable devices. You can also choose a vacuum breaker or an air gap. We help you choose the best type of device for your home.

Know the Signs

Knowing the signs of flow issues is a good way to see when you have a problem on your hands. While drains that back up are one common sign, you also want to look for drains that move slower than they should. Reach out to a plumber to schedule the plumbing repairs you need. Our plumbers will check all of your faucets and taps for yellow or brown water and make sure that only clean water comes out. You can also trust our team to change the direction of your water and get it working right again.

Avoid Plumbing Problems

Knowing who and when to call for plumber services in Coral Springs will help you avoid plumbing problems later. We know that flow issues can lead to big repairs and a lot of damage, which is why we recommend you call us as soon as possible. Get in touch with us after you shut off your water to schedule a backflow inspection.