Before buying clothes, you usually try them on to see if they fit right or not. Even if you don’t and you are shopping at a thrift store or your local store, you probably lose a couple of dollars. 

The same does not happen with a house! 

The point of telling you this is that it is essential to get your plumbing system installation inspected before buying a house. You don’t have the luxury of returning your home after taking out a mortgage. Taking care of this critical detail will save you from the hassle that will come later when one of the pipes in your kitchen might burst and cause a lot of damage. 

Plumbing is an essential consideration in the home-buying process. Sadly, it’s the last thing on most homeowners’ minds. Their negligence usually leads to costly repairs, breaking your bank when you are already making your monthly payments. 

What Happens When You Don’t Get a Plumbing Inspection Done? 

The after-effects of not getting a plumbing inspection carried out are not pretty. Following are the issues you might face: 

  • Plumbing problems found too late will require much time and money to be fixed. 
  • You will have a basic understanding of the visible pipes and not what runs underneath and behind the walls. 
  • Underground plumbing issues, which you can’t see, will slowly weaken your house’s foundation. 
  • You will be paying for plumbing issues every now and then because the situation has gotten out of control due to late action. 

Late Discovery 

This is one of the most significant points of concern for homeowners, which they should take seriously. Imagine moving into your house, having a housewarming party, settling into your place, and then discovering one problem after the other within a month. Your plumbing system installation, Coconut Creek, FL, will become a huge liability that will cost you thousands of dollars if it has any problems because delaying repairs will only worsen them with time. 

Reasons to Get Your Plumbing System Inspected 

Clogged Sewer Line 

Problems relating to sewage are smelly, disgusting, and costly. Trust us when we say that you don’t want to smell the constant nasty odor emanating from the bathroom. It can make your house unlivable. So, the first thing you need to do is inspect the sewage system. Find out where it is located, its size, and how long ago it was serviced. 

Look at the system’s surroundings for any seepage and standing water. While you are at it, get the main drain line inspected as well for any blockage. Usually, the drain lines of old houses are blocked by tree roots, which need to be cut and treated to prevent further growth. If your main sewer line is clogged, every bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room will have water backing up in them after a while. 

Pipe Leakage Can Lead to Mold 

That beautiful interior paint finish will start to turn green and black if the pipes behind the wall are leaking. Water causes immense damage, leading to mildew, mold, and pipe corrosion. If the inspection reveals lead pipes, get them replaced immediately, as they are harmful to children. Make sure to hire a certified professional who can do plumbing system installation in Coconut Creek, FL. 

Leaking Water Heaters Damages Flooring 

Hot water leaking behind the walls or underneath your hardwood flooring can cause unimaginable damage. Moreover, replacing your water heater can be extremely expensive, so better get it checked and scheduled for any repairs. 

Dislocated Toilets Point to Problems Underneath 

Take a look at the area where your toilet connects to the floor. Is it loose? Is it leaking? Is there a foul smell coming from this direction? If the answer is a “Yes” to all three, you’re looking at significant floor damage. In the long run, the toilet will start to leak wastewater, and that is not a sight you want to see. 

Slow Draining Sink Means There’s a Clog 

Sinks are often a source of leaks. In some cases, it’s just the stopper that needs tightening. However, if your sink drains slowly, there’s a clog in it, usually caused by hair, soap scum, and other gunk. It might be a venting issue if the sink makes the sound “glug, glug” when draining completely. 

So, now you know why it is essential to get the plumbing system inspected before buying a house. This step will be covered in the home inspection. If you find any problem that the seller tried to hide, you will have full right to back out of the deal and walk away with the earnest money. 

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