plumber man wearing a helmet and holding a tool boxes in both boxesWhen you’re in need of water heater repair and installation, trust the experts at Gator Plumbing. Your water heater is an important part of your home, so when it needs repairs, it’s important to hire a professional plumber.

There are many reasons to hire a professional to perform repairs, the primary reason being safety. Because of the water heater's power range, if you don’t know what you’re doing, this can lead to serious accidents, particularly where there is leakage or water sprays. Instead of risking injury, contact a professional plumber. They are specifically trained in the mechanisms of a water heater and know their way around the complex equipment. As a result, they can quickly return your heater to its optimal condition with no future hiccups.

When to contact Gator Plumbing for a water heater repair:

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you experience any of the following problems:

  • Strange noises from your heater (i.e., knocking sounds and whistling)
  • Low hot water pressure
  • Little to no hot water
  • Leaks (from the top and bottom of the tank)
  • For gas heaters, pilot light does not stay on

These issues are common, but they should only be performed by a professional who knows their way around a water heater.

We also perform water heater installations in South Florida. When it comes to installations, there are several DIY videos to help you complete the job. However, we do not recommend performing this task on your own, as there are many things can go wrong. For example, you may end up installing the heater in a non-compliant location, or even purchase the wrong size.

There is a much easier way to do this. To avoid unnecessary complications and gain peace of mind, simply contact the professionals. For water heater repair and installation in South Florida, contact Gator Plumbing. Call (954) 778-6914 for a free quote.