plumber man wearing a helmet and holding a tool boxes in both boxesWhen you need a toilet repair and installation, contact the team at Gator Plumbing. You will gain peace of mind knowing that the repairs were done correctly to prevent problems now and in the future.

In many cases, you can resolve the problem yourself if you have a general understanding of toilet repairs and have the necessary tools. However, the following are problems that are better left to a professional plumber:
  • Water near the toilet base
  • Water running constantly or irregularly
  • Tank refilling slowly
  • Difficult toilet clogs
Our team has the tools and experience to get the job done correctly. Even if the issue seems easy enough to repair on your own, it may require specific tools or replacement parts for the inner workings. If you don’t know the exact problem, it is likely that you won’t achieve the desired results.

Plumbers, on the other hand, have years of industry experience to diagnose and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently. Even if you made the necessary repairs, the chances of it breaking in the future are much higher because the task was not completed efficiently the first
time. It’s okay if you don’t know everything there is to about toilets – we do. So don’t hesitate to call.

We also perform fast and reliable toilet installations. Unlike repairs, installations require a degree of skill most people do not have unless they were specifically trained. If you contact us prior to your purchase, we can help you select the best toilet for your bathroom. We will then install your new toilet and ensure that there are no leaks. When the work is completed, we leave behind no trace of an installation, as we always clean up when we’re done.

There are times to do it yourself, and times to contact a professional. For toilet repair and installation in South Florida, contact Gator Plumbing. Call (954) 778-6914 for a free quote.