2For repairs and installation of your sinks and faucets, contact Gator Plumbing. We provide 24/7 emergency service for extreme situations and general service for all your indoor and outdoor faucet malfunctions. Our plumbers have the necessary tools and experience to handle all types of sink and faucet jobs, big and small.

If your faucet is constantly dripping, this is a bigger problem than you think. Many homeowners ignore small drips, but even the smallest drip can cost you hundreds of dollars a year. By hiring a qualified plumber, you will end up conserving water and reducing your water bill. We handle faucet drips, leaks and resolve low water pressure for all types of bathroom and kitchen faucets. We understand how disruptive plumbing issues can be, especially when they originate in the bathroom. For your convenience, our team will work quickly and efficiently to diagnose the problem and perform the necessary repairs and return your faucet to its optimum condition.

DIY or call a plumber?

The DIY movement is inspiring many people to tackle home improvements on their own. While there are some sink and faucet repairs you can do yourself, we recommend you contact a professional plumber when you experience low water pressure. Low water pressure can be
caused by a variety of issues throughout your plumbing system and may be more complicated than you think. As a result, we always recommend you hire a plumber if the water pressure is low.

When to repair or replace

Sometimes, the issue may be more serious than you think. Our team will let you know whether you should repair or replace your sink/faucet. In addition to repairs, Gator Plumbing performs new sink and faucet installations. With over 30 years of experience, we are the plumbers you can trust in South Florida. Ask about our plumbing services for sinks and faucets. Call (954) 778-6914 today.