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You might have noticed at some point during your ownership of your property that backups occur, or slow drainage appears throughout your house. The reality is that you might have a heavy-duty industrial product on your hands and it needs the help of a professional. While stopgap measures can help to alleviate your situation, they address the surface of the problem. 


Keep reading to see why you need the help of the experts here at Gator Plumbing. 

Sediment and Debris

One problem in older houses is sediment and debris in the sewage drains all along the length of the run. This means that mildew, algae, and roots can’t be eradicated from your drains without properly cleaning them. To ensure the proper drainage, choose a service that cleans your drains and drains them for you at the same time. Once the drain is cleaned, the contractor should be able to demonstrate to you that the drain is clean using a camera. 

Removing Sewage from Drains

There are two main methods a quality drain cleaning service in South Florida may accomplish removing sewage from your drains. Hydro jetting and snaking are two different techniques. Either technique may successfully unclog your drain, depending on your drain problem. Neither of these options destroys the length of the drain or sewer.

Flexible or Mechanical Rodding

The usual technique is to do the job using flexible or mechanical rodding. Almost all plumbers keep these tools, however, this method doesn’t solve the issue. It simply rips a hole in the obstruction. This will prevent the drain or sewer from becoming blocked and allow it to flow again. Still, the root of the issue will almost always remain in a position to start accumulating again fast.

Hydro Jetting

In contrast, hydro jetting utilizes huge volumes of water at low pressure to remove wall material, including from your pipes, storm, and sewage drain. The hydro-jet gets rid of roots, oil, and all debris, and it also flushes everything out of the wall, all of which is then drawn away from the inside of the structure. Your drain or sewage pipe has been restored to its original diameter after the procedure. The hydro jetting process can clean storm drains as well as sewer drains, which makes it the best way of cleaning storm drains and sewer drains.


Using a Camera

A camera is a pretty easy and cheap test in the end. Companies will have the tools necessary to demonstrate what your sewer pipe looks like. As soon as you can see the camera’s view of the drain, you may mark the task as complete and go on to the next item on your “to-do” list as a homeowner.


Common Sewage Problems

When your sewage backup enters your house, it is infected with all kinds of germs and becomes exceptionally filthy. Also, the odor that is sometimes unpleasant and may persist for a long time must be eliminated. There are many reasons sewage backups occur. It may be caused by reverse flow in the sewers, as drain flow flows away from the sewers. The underground pipes provide the water that feeds the home’s plumbing. They are called community pipes and handle all of your trash once it leaves your house. A sewage backup into your house may occur if this drainage system gets blocked. Most of the time, this issue is not a problem since the pipes are inspected and maintained by the municipal government beforehand.


The problem may also stem from an obstruction in your pipeline at home. If your basement frequently floods due to clogged pipes, you likely have sewage backups in your basement. Preventing this is a good idea since anything that goes down the drain may contribute to clogs. Debris can be prevented from entering your home by covering your drains with a network of metal meshes.


Gator Plumbing is Here to Help

We want to be sure that it is done safely during any sewage backup. You don’t have to clean it up if you don’t want to. You can have a plumber fix it for you. If you detect a backup, the first thing you should do is to shut off any running water, such as your shower, faucets, sinks, etc. It will help keep the backup from becoming worse. Eliminate odors by opening all windows and turning on fans. It is always a good idea to put on protective footwear, surgical masks, and gloves before you start cleaning up. Treat yourself to a well-deserved time out after you are fully dressed and ready to conduct routine checks on the lateral pipes and their chambers. You will have to remove anything in the way with a shovel if these pipes are blocked.

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