Preventative Maintenance Plan

The Annual Preventative Maintenance Agreement Plan keeps your home safe and saves you money!

Save money with Gator Plumbing of South Florida’s Preventative Maintenance Agreement when you pay a one time per year contract fee. You will receive an annual inspection of your home’s plumbing equipment at no extra cost and a 10% discount off any needed repairs during that entire year.

What We Will Do For You

Check water heater for signs of damage and to ensure it is operating at it’s peak efficiency

Check all supply lines for rust or corrosions and polybutylene

Check all shut off valves for leaks

Inspect all hose bibs outside of home

Check washing machine hoses for signs of damage of kinks that may cause lines to burst

1-Free Annual Video Sewer Inspection

Check all faucets for leaks, clean aerators for proper water flow, and adjust handles and lock nuts

Inspect main shut off valve for proper operation and show you where it is located, should you have an emergency

Inspect all toilets for leaks and proper flushing action. Adjust fill valve, flush valve, and flapper if needed to be set at manufactures specifications

Inspect all drains for proper drainage

Locate main drain line clean out, if any

Provide a written list of suggestions of any needed repairs to keep your home safe and free from water damage

For Only $299! That’s 8¢ a Day For Peace of Mind