Plumber wiring a new garbage disposal

Disposals are an essential part of many household kitchens in Coconut Creek, FL. They are devices that grind food waste before sending the pulverized bits down your sinks’ drainpipes. This is why they can be so expensive and difficult to replace when they break or malfunction. Fortunately, there are fix-it measures you can take if your disposal breaks or starts making strange noises. Here is how you can go about fixing it without professional assistance.


Step 1: Inspect the Unit for Any Loose or Broken Parts

Most disposal units are equipped with a cover held in place by two screws. You should check to make sure that it is firmly in place at the top of the cover. If there is a problem with the screws, you should replace them immediately.


Step 2: Unplug the Unit

Your disposal unit is attached to a cord that you can unplug and plug back in. If your system still doesn’t work after you have unplugged it, you should call a professional plumber or buy a new one.


Step 3: Clear the Drain

You can clear the drain of your malfunctioning disposal unit by pouring one or two glasses of cold water down the drain. This may allow your unit to start working again. If you have a small sink or a bathtub, pouring water into the drain may be sufficient. If you have a larger kitchen sink or a dishwasher, pour hot water into the drain to help dislodge food from the disposal and make it work again.

You can use a plunger to clear the drain of your malfunctioning disposal unit. Plungers can also help you dislodge stubborn food from your disposal.


Step 4: Remove the Blades

Your disposal unit has blades that chop up food waste. After all, it is a unit designed to help make food scraps easier to dispose of. However, if your blades are broken or loose, you need to take them out. You can do so using a wrench. There is a hexagonal bolt that you can find on the bottom of your disposal unit. You can loosen the bolt using a wrench and then pull out the blades using an appropriate tool.


Step 5: Clean the Blades

You need to clean the blades of your disposal unit. This ensures that your blades will work as efficiently as possible when you need to use your disposal unit again. If your blades are metal, you can rub them with a scouring pad. This should help polish up the blades and give them a new shine. If they are plastic, do not clean them with a scouring pad because this may damage your blades. It would help to clean them with lukewarm water and a sponge instead. Some users have also advised that you use dish soap to clean your blades, which can cause more damage than good.


Step 6: Get Professional Help

If you have tried the above techniques and your disposal unit is still not working properly, you need to call a professional plumber or buy a new one. When the experts arrive, you should tell them what happened, and they will be able to fix it as soon as possible. This is the best thing that you can do.



Disposal units are a modern convenience that can make your kitchen life easier, but they don’t last forever. If your disposal unit stops working, try some of the above techniques to see if you can fix it or get help from an expert professional plumber in Coconut Creek, FL.