Drain pipes

Everybody likes to ensure that every nook and cranny of their homes is perfect before the holidays. Whether it is basic maintenance, clean up or plumbing, certain aspects of your home require extra attention to detail around the cold weather.

Mainly, due to weather changes, certain fixtures of our homes like plumbing require you to take on an additional set of prevention tips to avoid common problems like frozen faucets, heating issues, etc.

Therefore, as winter is in full swing and with Christmas around the corner, you want to make sure your plumbing is top-notch. Here are six preventive winter plumbing tips you need to ensure before the holidays.

  • Take Necessary Steps to Avoid Pipe Rupture

It is absolutely necessary to disconnect any outdoor pipes and valves that you may have. The disconnection of water flow would prevent the water from flowing to exterior pipes, which obviously has a higher chance of freezing. Frozen water pipes have an increased chance of rupturing, leading to a hefty disaster to fix afterward.  Therefore, any pipes that run along the house’s exterior, placed in uninsulated areas or garden hoses should be completely disconnected from the interior water flow. Moreover, you can leave faucets dripping overnight to ensure water flow and not end up freezing midway, creating a blockage.

  • Locate Your Main Water Valve

Even if, after all, your precautionary measurements and steps, you do end up in a major disaster like a pipe burst – it is ideal to know the location of your main valve. This shall help you immediately halt the entire house’s water flow in case of an incident. Not only will it save you from major water wastage but mess and damage nonetheless. Therefore, it is best to locate your main water valve before the temperatures drop to freezing points. Most commonly, such valves can be found in the garage, next to the water meter. Additionally, ensure that you can easily operate the main valve and it is not stuck when there is an emergency.

  • Be Alert with Your Kitchen Disposal

For many people, holidays combine three of the biggest festivities, i.e., Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. This means hearty meals with friends, family, and loved ones, allowing many people to be exposed to your home environment. So maintaining the cooking aftermath like food prep, wastage and dishes are crucial. It has a significant impact on your plumbing system, especially valves and pipes connected in the kitchen, responsible for disposal. Winters mean that the wastage can accumulate and freeze down in the drains, clogging the pipes for the worst. Therefore, stay alert on your kitchen disposal with people around and ensure no grease and leftovers go down the drain.

  • Get Your Water Heating Professionally Checked

The winter season is that time of the year where hot water becomes a necessity. So it is natural that you would want to ensure that the hot water flow is intact and ideal as per your requirement. Therefore, we would advise you to get your water heating professionally checked as it ensures your safety as well as allows for extra precaution. An experienced plumbing technician would check the main valve and unit tank and even make necessary repairs and replacements for pipes worn down or corroded. You can also ask the plumbing technician to set your water heating temperature to avoid scalding and energy wastage.

  • Don’t Underestimate the Power of Insulation.

Sometimes winter plumbing prevention techniques can be as simple as installing foam insulation to your pipes. You can easily find such insulation sheaths at any hardware store in a variety of types, sizes, and material preferences. They are one of the most affordable and budgeted techniques to ensure your pipes remain intact and free from rupture due to freezing. However, a little bit of planning would go a long way and last you the entire season when it comes to the insulation placement. You would want to completely fill in spaces running the entire length of your exterior pipes on walls, roofs, attics, and basements.

  • Find the Right Plumbing Technicians

Lastly, choosing the right plumbing technician is just as important as taking any of these prevention steps on your own. A professional and experienced plumbing technician can be the make-or-break decision for you when it comes to winter plumbing prevention. Looking for reliable plumbing technicians in South Florida? Our plumbing technicians at Gator Plumbing are available 24 hours, seven days a week for all your plumbing, heating, repair, and installation needs. 

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today at (954) 778-6914 to get started right away!