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Modern plumbing and backflow go hand in hand. Even if you have new pipes, your Coral Springs home can still develop a serious problem. Backflow changes the flow of your water and can contaminate the water you use for drinking and bathing. Find out the six common reasons why backflow happens and when to call experts in plumbing repairs in Coral Springs for help.

1. Broken Water Main

One possible cause of backflow is a broken water main. The water main is the main line that delivers water to your home. You can check with the city as it may cover some damage. It’s usually better to call plumbing repair experts in Coral Springs for plumbing services though.

2. Sewer Line Break

It’s just as common for backflow to develop because of a broken sewer line, especially the main sewer line. Not only do you rely on this line to keep waste out of your home, but it also helps stabilize your home’s water pressure. A sewer line break can also result in waste backing up in your shower or tub.

3. Water Outage

There’s a chance that your home might develop a backflow problem because of a water outage in your city. This can happen when the water department works on local lines because it drops the water pressure, which can affect the direction of the flow. You should notice the problem when your water service returns.

4. Poor Plumbing Repairs

When you attempt DIY repairs, you risk doing damage that requires professional plumber services in Coral Springs to fix. You might crack a pipe or tighten a pipe too much and spring a leak. The lack of water pressure can change the flow of your water. Any repairs that you make without professional help can affect your water’s direction and lead to a backflow problem.

5. Equipment Issues

You also want to look for modern plumbing and backflow issues such as a certain piece of equipment. Some equipment needs to use a higher water pressure rate that pulls pressure away from other lines. When this happens, your lines may attempt to change directions to gain the pressure they need.

6. Water Pressure Drop

If you recently watched the fire department fight a fire in your Coral Springs neighborhood, this might be the cause of your backflow problem. They use so much water that it drastically reduces the water pressure in nearby lines. While you can call experts in plumber services in Coral Springs for help, you usually need to wait it out.

Backflow issues usually require plumbing repair experts Coral Springs pros. When you try to repair the problem yourself, you risk causing leaks and other damage that makes the problem worse. Look for the signs of a backflow problem such as water that appears discolored or has a bad smell similar to rotten eggs along with rust flakes coming from your taps. Contact Gator Plumbing as soon as possible to get the repairs your plumbing system needs.