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People often hesitate to call for plumber services in Coral Springs when they have a problem with their toilets. While it’s easy to feel embarrassment when a toilet requires repairs, there’s no reason to feel hesitant. Experienced plumbers have seen it all, and there’s not a problem they haven’t fixed. In fact, there are several problems that are common and require professional plumbing expertise.

1. Worn or Damaged Flapper

Does your toilet seem to run continuously, or does it stop running only to start running again in a few minutes? This type of issue is usually caused by a worn or ripped flapper. The flapper is the rubber cover that sits at the bottom of the toilet basin and covers the drain hole. This is a simple repair that any toilet repair and installation professional can perform. Replacing a damaged flapper will only take a few minutes.

2. Faulty Fill Valve

The pump that floats to measure the level of the water in your toilet controls when to turn off the flow of water. This ensures the toilet basin properly fills. A worn fill valve’s seals and gaskets will become brittle with age, preventing the valve from functioning properly. Any plumbing and toilet installation service can replace the valve for you.

3. Leaking Toilets

A leaking toilet can cause water damage in addition to wasting water and causing your utility bills to skyrocket. You can limit damage and repair costs by calling a plumber right away. They will determine if the leak is due to corroded pipes, loose fittings, or some other cause. Even if you don’t see a leak, a rising water bill indicates a problem that you’ll need a plumber to address.

4. Toilet Won’t Flush

If you have problems flushing your toilet, try to jiggle the handle. An unusually loose handle indicates an issue with the flapper chain, which connects the handle to the flapper. If the chain is loose or broken, you’ll find it difficult to flush the toilet. Call a toilet repair and installation service to replace the chain.

5. Water Flow is Interrupted

One of the first places you’ll notice a water flow problem is in your toilet since a toilet won’t flush without access to water. If your toilet won’t flush, check your sink faucets and shower to determine if there’s water flow to those fixtures. This will help your plumber isolate the cause of the water flow problem. A pipe may have burst or there might be a problem with the city’s water supply. Once your plumber determines the cause, they can recommend solutions.

Final Words

While the problems mentioned here are common experiences, you might have other problems with your toilet. An unresolved plumbing issue can worsen and cause damage to other parts of your home. It’s always better to call a plumber for toilet repair service rather than letting a problem persist.

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